Classroom Management Software

Available for 5 Operating Systems

Cross-platform application

Fully compatible with various mobile devices with Android, Windows, iOS, Mac and Linux OS, support teacher and students cross-platform operation.

Excellent Wireless Performance

Stable signal transmission, complete synchronization of mobile devices achieved among teacher and students.

Mobile Devices Smooth Interactive Teaching
Video Transmission without Time Delay

Diverse Interaction between Teacher and Students

Powerful Classroom Management

Student Management

Import the name list of students and launch the sign-in operation. Compare sign-in list with name list to obtain attendance.

Policy Management

During teaching, the teacher can restrict students’usage of CD, USB disk, website, application and printer to maintain class order.

Remote Control

Allows teacher to monitor and control students’ devices, master the students' real-time learning situation.

Remote Settings

Unified management of student devices effectively save time.