Mythware attended 2019 BETT Brazil

BETT Brazil has been taken place from May 14th to 17th at Transamerica Expo Center. It was chosen as the central meeting point for education professionals in Latin America. With the total area of 12000 square meter ,BETT Brazil attracted more than 230 exhibitors and 17,034 visitors from all over the world. The show organized several conferences given by a number of professional experts who will be presenting their creative solutions in the field of education.



This time, Mythware brings about our innovative products including Mythware classroom AP, latest version of Mythware classroom management software, Mythware Clicker, and our band- new solution --Mythware Class Hub for the smart classroom.

Our unrivalled service and commitment to developing high quality, feature-rich products help us win trust from thousands of customers in the education sector. “Mythware has always been provided a series of excellent solutions to meet our project needs. Its innovative design provides a stable and convenient experience for our school, especially the Class Hub gives us a brand new feeling.”Collin Sydes said, after he had used our products,who is a class deans in a local primary school.



For Mythware, since our first exhibition in BETT, we have presented our various products in the show as well as experienced many fantastic moments when sharing sparkling and enlightening ideas with different innovators of education. To make the classroom more efficient,more attractive and cultivate the students’ innovative spirit, Mythware will continue to explore the infinite possibility in the field of education unremittingly.