Embark on a new journey to Dubai

Heading to its 12th year, the education worldwide has turned its eyes to the Middle East because of GESS 2019 had taken place at the Dubai World Wide Center from Feb 26th to 28th.It was the leading education fair in the Gulf region and attracted many companies and brands showcasing the very latest and most innovative educational products and solutions.




To adapt the changing and diversified market requirements, Mythware has introduced a series of classroom-oriented solutions to improving and reinforcing teacher and students capabilities that helps simplify interactive teaching and learning and has created a new generation of smart classroom patterns, which includes Mythware Clicker, Mythware classroom AP, latest vision of Mythware classroom management software, and our band- new solution for a smart classroom.


At the show , many visitors have focused on the understanding of the relevant products. “The exciting news was that we have witnessed the integration of two products from Mythware, it means a simple and perfect chance has been provided for STEAM classroom”, Carl Ward said.


In the future, Mythware will continue to meet the needs of overseas users, deeply dig into the field of education information, and forge ahead to serve the development of global education.