Mythware brand-new solution for a samrt classroom

BETT, a must meeting that has been inspiring the educational community for the last 36 years, has been hold at EXCEL exhibition hall from 23th-26th January 2019, whose slogan of this year is: “Experiences in the EdTech solutions world”. It is the first industry show of the year in the education technology landscape, bringing together 800 leading companies, 103 exciting new edtech start ups and over 34,000 attendees from the global education community.




Mythware joined London’s BETT show to give hands-on demonstrations and sharing with the visitors of our innovative products include Mythware Clicker, Mythware classroom AP, latest vision of Mythware classroom management software, and our band- new solution for a smart classroom.


“ I have been looking for a product that can be perfectly applied to the experimental course.when I came to Mythware exhibiton booth, it jumps to my eyes and attracts me. That is what I want”, Caroline said, who is a biology teacher in school. Carolyn Smith ,who is a agent, has establish cooperation with Mythware for many years said:” I’m gald to see that Mythware is always striving for providing advanced solutions in the area of educational imformation. “



With the lightning speed of technological evolution, the needs of market is upgrading constantly. No matter how the world changes, Mythware will keep our original aspiration to serve for the development of educational technology and improve their own educational practice to create a better future.