Mythware Education Solutions Appeared in EDUWEEK 2017

(Johannesburg, July 12 to 13, 2017)—Mythware arrived at EduWeek, the 5th stop of global promotion. This year, EduWeek intends to reignite the passion for learning and teaching by exploring latest advancements in technology and digital learning platforms. It attracted more than 180 exhibitors around the world, including agency leaders, education industry experts and dealers.



Mythware has been known locally in Africa. Accompany by Mythware South African distributor SA Edutech this time, our latest modern classroom solutions appeared in EduWeek attracted the eyes of many invited guests and attendees.



Mythware Class Cloud AP is a highlight solution we showcase this time, which is able to provide a stable network for up to 60 mobile devices smooth interaction and ensure the high-level accuracy of data during high speed synchronized transmission.

Mythware Clicker will be able to create vivid interactive teaching environment, help the teacher get effective feedback timely. Multi-choices, true or false and vote functions fulfill everyday teaching; response competition can fully motivate students’ proactivity.

Mythware Classroom Management Software (CMS) in Africa has a broad market foundation; it has been in the service of the case of local education informatization, such as in Egypt, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe, admired by teachers and students. Especially, the unique excellent quiz function is public praised here, which attracts many vendors and educators come to experience.





EduWeek is fully committed to sustainable development and ensuring greater inclusion and access to quality education. Together with our cooperator in line with local market specialty, Mythware follows African’s path to a sustainable future in education industry.