Language Lab

A professional language lab based on computer and network

Pure software, perfect balance of cost and performance

Hardware Language Lab

Less Feature, High Cost, Poor Maintenance

Other Software Language Lab

Voice Delay , Noisy

Mythware Language Lab

Plentiful Features, Low Cost, Simple Maintenance
Significantly shorten voice lagging time and improve sound quality.

Professional Language Teaching

Plentiful Practical Language Teaching Functions

Broadcast Teaching  /  Language Teaching  /  Voice Intercom  /  Listening and Speaking Training  /  Courseware on Demand

Access to Multiple External Devices

It is convenient to apply audio and video, pictures, documents and other resources to language teaching

Mythware Voice Box

Self-developed voice box that perfectly matches with digital language lab, improves sound quality largely.

Practical Operation Design

Multilingual user interface, switch between different language interfaces can be completed by one click.
The core functions of the system can be called directly from the main interface, and the location of each function button is based on the teaching process.