Mythware Clicker

Classroom interaction and various colors
– all in your hands

Riotous color choices

Riotous colors grant the clickers different characters. There’s tenderness of blue and purity of white, along with coolness of black and passion of orange.

Excellent Ergonomic Design

There have been 12 appearance revisions and 8 button layout adjustments. We do improvement over and over again just to achieve one ultimate top design.

Unfold to know more

Cambered Surface Design

Cambered surface design gives you perfect hand feeling while holding the clicker. It’s always stable no matter you operate with one hand or both hands, and it hardly slips away from your hands.

Appropriate Button Layout Design

Letter and number buttons are closely placed around “Send”, “Delete” and “Hand-up” buttons, substantially avoiding answering mistakes caused by misoperation.

Lanyard on the Back

A lanyard is attached on the back, prevents loss of the clicker. Use the lanyard to carry it at your chest, making it convenient for you to grab the clicker and interact at any time.

Various interaction patterns,
instant response follows your mind

Multi-choices, true or false and survey functions fulfill your needs in everyday teaching. Response competition can fully motivate students’ proactivity.

Fantastic Tool for Interaction

Specially Designed for Interactive Whiteboard

Operation interface’s timely hiding function is optimized; answering contents are shown to the max.

Class Management

The teacher only needs to input the account before importing a class model and starting the class.

Test and Survey

Supports checking history records, keep abreast of the students’ everyday performance.


It can display battery information and connection status of every clicker in real time, guaranteeing smooth teaching activities.

Class Management Tool

Functions like creating and managing class models, editing curriculum tables etc. are completely independent from class teaching module, substantially decreasing teachers’ workload.