for Windows
Classroom Management Software

Serving as a management platform in computer classroom, it makes the teaching and learning more interactive and effective.


Group Collaboration

Effective Control & Assistance

Monitor & Control

Allow teachers to monitor and control student’s activities on each device.

(Monitor & Control)

Student Sign-in

Import the name list of students and launch the sign-in operation. Compare sign-in list with the name list to obtain attendance.

Blank Screen

Display a default or custom text on students’ devices and lock their devices to get the attention from the students.

Remote Command

Launch and exit applications, open and close website of student side remotely. Start-up, reboot and shut down students’ devices with one click.

Remote Settings

Set common properties like Display, Proxy Server, Themes, Desktop, Power Schemes, and Screen Saver and so on for students.

Policy Management

Set different policies on the usage of web, applications, USB, CD and printer of students.

File Distribution & Collection

Distribute files and folders to students; Collect files from students.

Convenient Assessment

Response & Competition

Students can do the competition vocally or by entering text. Each competition can be assessed with awards by an teacher.


Create and start survey during the lecture time and view results graphically after all the students finished the survey.

Quiz by Answer Sheet

Import any printable documents as quiz paper and edit on it to generate answer sheet.Track student answer status in real time and deliver final test result to students.


Available for 26 Different Languages