Mythware Classroom AP

Pivot of Wireless Interactive Teaching
Design for Classroom Management Software

Mobile device-based informationized teaching method is gradually recognized and accepted by majority of schools and organizations. However, during the practical teaching process, the incidents such as mobile devices offline, screen broadcast pause and teaching material sluggish sharing still happen.
Thus, How to solve these problems?
Mythware Classroom AP is blockbuster launched
Smooth Screen Broadcast,
No Lagging Time
Stable Classroom Interaction,
No Disconnection
High-speed Material Sharing,
Fully Real-time
HD Network Movie Playing,
Fully Synchronization

Built-in High Gain 3×3 MIMO Antenna, support working in 2.4GHz/5GHz Frequency Band. Better satisfy the WiFi coverage requirements of various teaching environment.

60 +
Mobile Devices Smooth Interaction

Provide a stable, efficient network for up to 60+ Mobile Devices Smooth Interaction and ensure the high-level accuracy of data during high-speed synchronized transmission.

Complete Data Security Mechanism

Authentication and Encryption technologies such as WPA/WPA2, TKIP, AES, which ensure the safety during wireless data transmission.

HDD Expansion


Uploaded big volume teaching contents could be directly downloaded by teacher in class or cloud be immediately pushed to the mobile devices of students such as tablets, mobile phones and PCs.

*The build-in HDD is not including in the standard package.

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