As the next-generation classroom management software, Mythware Classroom Management Software is committed to offering a collaborative and interactive classroom solution to worldwide users.
Self-designed by Mythware, this app is aimed to help users know the tablet usage, system running time, app’s running time as well as the most frequently used apps. Supporting both Windows and Android system, AppsGard will be a good useful assistant for worldwide users.
Rated as the new highly-flexible digital software, Mythware language lab software can offer you greatest advantage of using multimedia during language learning. By addressing all of the learning environment variations, it supports both tutor-led and self-study situations.


“I had a wonderful experience with Mythware Classroom Management Software. Using such software and following the guides, the class became so wonderful.”

—— Eric Norris, Information Technology & Services, America
July, 2013

“I got what I expected and more. It’s very flexible and easy to use. The website is very simple and intuitive. Excellent product and phenomenal support.”

—— Donovan Baker, SICO Electronics, Nigeria
May, 2013

“Such software is so great which makes a very daunting task manageable and simple, and enables every teaching procedure clear and coherent. Students participated in the class, more than just accepting. “

—— Mario Balogun, Technology 4 Learning, Ecuador
August, 2013

“Super product! Installed and worked perfectly. Smooth the class and guarantee the teaching efficiency. I’m happy I found this good Software. “

—— Sam Vassiliou, Inversiones Ltd, Greece
October, 2013